damewendyNYC Yoga instructor. Taker of photos. Social media fairy. Sometimes inappropriate. Busy being awesome. Also I'm a ninja. Obsessed with bicycling. And SHINY THINGS.

Follower of the Ketogenic Diet

Graduated the Yoga Vida teacher training program, NYC

Technology during the day, yoga all the time.

I have

A man who's passionate and smart and makes me happy and laugh every single day. The best cat on the planet.

My people:

Just L. - The man in my life
Kiddos - S: the girl & D: the boy
Sunshine - he's our best friend and lives across the street

'If you decide to follow me, send me a message and tell me about yourself. Otherwise, I'll assume you're a robot and you want me dead.'

Exercise Stuffs:
Completed 30 Day Shred w/ Jillian
Mugshot Monday #me #starbucks #monday

Mugshot Monday #me #starbucks #monday

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  1. chinacat-crazycat said: Hi pretty face!
  2. ryanlrussell said: Looking good, lady.
  3. alainawiens said: I want to see more of the boots.
  4. almostfancynancy said: SO so pretty here!
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