damewendyNYC Yoga and Zumba instructor. Taker of photos. Social media fairy. Pinterest recipe hoarder. Loves to cook. Sometimes inappropriate. Busy being awesome. Also I'm a ninja. Obsessed with spin class. And SHINY THINGS.

Follower of the Ketogenic Diet

Graduated the Yoga Vida teacher training program, NYC

Licensed to teach Zumba


Technology during the day, yoga all the time.

I have

A man who's passionate and smart and makes me happy and laugh every single day. The best cat on the planet.

My people:

Just L. - The man in my life
Kiddos - S: the girl & D: the boy
Sunshine - he's our best friend and lives across the street

'If you decide to follow me, send me a message and tell me about yourself. Otherwise, I'll assume you're a robot and you want me dead.'

Exercise Stuffs:
Completed 30 Day Shred w/ Jillian
Mugshot Monday #me #starbucks #monday

Mugshot Monday #me #starbucks #monday

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  1. chinacat-crazycat said: Hi pretty face!
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  3. alainabegins said: I want to see more of the boots.
  4. almostfancynancy said: SO so pretty here!
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